Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sperm Agglutination – Sperm Stick To One Another

Sperm agglutination or clumping is a condition in the male reproductive system, in which sperm cells are attached to one another.

This condition is not be confused with other conditions where sperm sticks to other cells or objects.

Generally, sperm agglutination is determined by semen analysis. This condition occurs due to the reversal of vasectomy.

Also, it can be due to the inflammatory conditions like prostatitis, inflammation of the prostate.

Inflammatory conditions lead to a great increase in number of white blood cells in the semen thus causing the sperm to stick one another.

Apart from inflammatory conditions, there are some other conditions such as antisperm antibodies present in the semen cause the agglutination.

Sperm can stick to one another in various ways: from tail to tail, from head to head and middle to middle and also in combinations like head to tail. The extent of agglutination can vary from small groups to large amounts.

Most common effect of sperm agglutination is fertility problems. Sperm agglutination can interfere with the process of effectively reaching and fertilizing with the egg.

Fertility problems that are associated with sperm agglutination can be treated with procedures like in vitro fertilization and intrauterine insemination.

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